Digital Transformation of an existing Health & Safety Compliance Process for an Oil Drilling Company in the Middle East

Automated the process of Health and Safety (HSE) Compliance Procedure and E-learning at the client’s facility (field offices, drilling rigs and management offices). This improved speed and turnaround time of processes and reduced the human errors.


Digital Transformation of an existing Health & Safety Compliance Process for an Oil Drilling Company in the Middle East

Client and Location 

An oil drilling company in the Middle East. 


The project was a digital transformation to automate the process of Health and Safety (HSE) Compliance Procedure and E-learning at the client’s facility (field offices, drilling rigs and management offices). 

The existing process was a manual process which used excel spreadsheets to do evaluation of Health and Safety compliance at drilling rigs. This system was inefficient as it led to delays and also human errors in data entry.  

The new system was proposed to automate this procedure of compliance evaluation and HSE Audit and also to provide an e-learning facility for the employees of the client. 

The web and mobile apps support both English and Arabic languages. 

Solution We Implemented and Results 

Our business analysts communicated with the client representative to identify the existing processes, stakeholders and pain points in the system.  

Based on the requirements analyzed, our experts proposed an improved system, but keeping the changes to the minimum in order for the users to adopt the new system with ease. 

We then developed mobile and web application for the users to perform the compliance procedure and audits. 

All the HSE compliance tasks and checklist along with references and data format are uploaded by the HSE Advisor in the new system using Excel Spreadsheet templates and also through an interactive dashboard in the system. The schedules for each compliance procedure and the action parties at each step are assigned to the compliance processes through the system. 

Throughout the compliance cycle, the system sends automated notifications to action parties to remind them of the tasks. The users can then log in to the system and see the tasks they have to perform and enter the data along with attachments. 

The process workflow (the chain of stakeholders through which the documents have to flow based on conditions) is set and configured by the Admin. 

The users in the system will get notifications for their inputs based on the workflow. 

Similarly, during Yearly and Quarterly audits, notifications are sent to the Auditors (who can be even outside the organization) and the system guides them to perform the audit checklist actions. 

The system provides facility for users to report incidents at the client facility. Based on the incidents reported, the HSE advisor can assign learning tasks for the teams at the facility. 

We have developed an Online Learning system for the employees of the client. The managers can assign courses to employees. Employees can also enroll themselves in courses. The courses are prepared by the managers and uploaded into the system. Courses have modules and chapters. Each chapter can have text, images, pdf and video content. Once a candidate completes a course, they should take an online quiz. If they pass the quiz, a certificate is generated automatically and send to them. Once the certificate validity expires after certain number of years, notifications are sent to the candidates to re-take the course and quiz. 

The new system has dramatically reduced the % of manual errors and improved turnaround time for compliance procedure execution at the facility. 

Technologies Used 

  • The web applications are developed using React.js 
  • The mobile applications are developed using React Native 
  • The backend APIs and services are developed using Node.js 
  • MongoDB is used as the database. 
  • The services are containerized and deployed in the client datacenter with Kubernetes for managing the containers. 

HSE Automation

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Technologies Used